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Have you ever wondered why you love a dachshund? Dachshunds are also called sausage dogs, wiener, doxie dogs… they are beloved around the world. There are 5 precious features that only dachshunds have and they make your love dachshunds so much.

Below is list of 5 precious features that only dachshunds have:

1. They are extreme loyal to their owners.

Top 5 Precious Features Of Dachshund That Every Owners Must Know 1
Photo by Sharon Forte‎

Unlike the other dogs that live in the herd, they always listen to the leader to hunt other animals for living. Dachshunds are trained to become more gentle and listen to their owners. Specially, dachshunds are special because of their loyalty. They always keep their owner’s house, and can also do small things for make their owner happy. They never betray their owners, always loyal to their owners for their whole life. There are many stories that dachshunds protected or saved their owners’ lives.

Especially, a dachshund dies after fighting cobra to protect his owner’s family. Read the story here.

2. They make their owners happier.

Top 5 Precious Features Of Dachshund That Every Owners Must Know 2
Photo by Dawn Mazur‎

Dachshunds are very active and that’s why they love to play with their owners all days. Whenever the owner comes home from work, they will wag their tails to welcome their owners, they also want to get attention from their owners.  When the owner goes away, the four-legged friends will watch out for the owner and will miss them so much. When having a dog always beside you like that, your mood must be more comfortable and relaxed. They are also effective helping humans reduce stress and get more interested in work and they are suitable for people with autism.

3. They are effective dogs to keep house and protect their owners.

Top 5 Precious Features Of Dachshund That Every Owners Must Know 3
Photo by Samantha McDonald‎

As you have known, dachshunds love their owners so much. So they like to be sensor alarms for their owners’ families, whenever a stranger appears, they will bark loudly so that their owners can know that. Even if the stranger shows signs of attack, they can rush to fight to protect the owners. This is also a natural and special self-defense characteristic of hunting dogs which dachshunds used to be.

4. They can understand their owners’ feelings.

Top 5 Precious Features Of Dachshund That Every Owners Must Know 4
Photo by Amy Sandefur‎

Unlike humans, who recognize the mood of a person by facial expressions. Dachshunds sense the mood by temperature of body, or perhaps by a special sense. They will run, jump, wag their tails if their owners are happy. But if you are sad, your dog puppies will be sullen, lying quietly. They just want to lay on you. It’s really respect when dachshunds can clearly feel the feelings of their owners.

5. They always love their owners unconditionally.

Top 5 Precious Features Of Dachshund That Every Owners Must Know 5
Photo by Denise Harper Payne‎

Dachshunds do not care whether you are rich or you have a difficult life. You can feed them good food or not, it is not a matter for them. The reason is that dachshunds are very loyal to their owners. Therefore, they will be always beside you in any circumstances if they love you. There are many famous stories that you may hear about loyal dachshunds, they loved their owners even if the owners died, they were sad and fallen ill and died. Some dogs kept waiting for their owners until they died.

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Specially, although you treat them badly, or even hit them, they will not change their affection to you. It’s great to have such a friend, right?