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As a dachshund lover, you must love your dachshunds so much because they are very lovely. And can you figure out how much painful if one day your dachshunds left you away? In fact, many people do not dare to own dachshunds or other dogs for the second time because they cannot overcome the pain of loss.

Mr. Frank T. McAndrew, a professor of psychology at Knox University said that “Recently, my wife and I had to go through unforgettable pain when a four-legged friend died. I still remembered his gaze before he was talking his last breath. There are many people who were surprised when my family expressed mourning for Murphy, they thought that is was simply an outrageous emotion because it was just a dog.”

However, if you are a dog especially a dachshund lover, you will know that this story is true and agree that dogs are not simply dogs.

Scientists Have Proved That Losing A Dachshund Is More Painful Than Losing A Lover 1
Photo by Bruna Maria Mc Kenna

My friends even complained because I was extremely sadder than losing a relative. However, it is a lame comparison because many researches have shown that losing a dachshund or other dog is as terrible as losing a person you love. On the contrary, there is no way to help you reduce pain if your puppy has gone.

Perhaps, if everyone is aware of how strong the link between an owner and a dachshund is, he will agree with the sadness.

Scientists Have Proved That Losing A Dachshund Is More Painful Than Losing A Lover 2
Photo by Charles Smith

According to many researches, dachshund or dogs have become friends of people over 10,000 years ago. And more specifically, dogs are the only animals that evolved in a special way to accompany humans. According to anthropologist ‘s “Hypothesis”, dog has abandoned the origin of hunting dog ancestors to become a socially skilled pet, learning how to interact from their owners.

In fact, dachshunds bring contentment to their owners more than other people do because they love their owner unconditionally. Therefore, they will protect the owners in case of danger.

Scientists Have Proved That Losing A Dachshund Is More Painful Than Losing A Lover 3
Photo by Sue Tallmadge

The researches also showed that the dog’s brain responds to the owner’s compliments as same as feeding them. Dachshunds recognize people and they can learn how to understand their owner’s emotion through facial expressions. Science recognized that dogs can also understand wishes of the owners and can help the owners. And in addition, they will keep away from enemies of their owners and even those who treat them badly.

In fact, people respond positively to the loyal dogs. The dog lovers will get a higher average of happiness and a better health than those who do not love dogs.

Julie Axelrod, a psychologist pointed out that losing a dog is very painful because the owner is not simply losing his pet, he is losing a member of his family which loves him unconditional.

Losing dogs also causes serious disruptions in the owner’s daily routine and lifestyle. Plans, schedules… which are more or less depended on the dogs. These sudden changes are also a source of stress.

Scientists Have Proved That Losing A Dachshund Is More Painful Than Losing A Lover 4
Photo by Charlie Salgado‎

According to a recent survey, many owners hear their dachshunds unconsciously after they die. This often happens to those who are deeply attached to their four-legged friends.

When you are very familiar to your dachshund puppies, you must be painful when your puppy has been gone. And you will not dare to own other dogs again because of fear of loss. However, I hope you will overcome this stage soon.