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The “sausage hound” Dachshund surely has been a familiar breed with people around the world. Their funny-looking and very adorable appearance can always make our hearts melt. So what are the features that make Dachshund dogs so appealing to pet pawrents and what colors may a Dachshund’s coat have? Let’s learn more information with us through this article.

1. Some information about the Dachshund breed

dachshund dog breed

Some information about the Dachshund breed

The Dachshund was bred for the first time in Germany in the 15th century. This is the original Dachshund breed and they began to be more popular since the 17th century. Originally, they were bred as hunters. After that, they gradually became a pet when they were introduced into America in the 19th century. Ever since the 1950s, this “hot dog” breed has become more and more popular as they have become an indispensable member of many households.

With the nickname “sausage hound”, it is very easy for us to imagine the funny look of this adorable creature. Long back, high nose, floppy ears, and a strong chest are the stand-out features of this dog breed. Dachshunds were bred as hunters so naturally, they are very clever and it won’t be a hard job for you to train them. However, Dachshund is also an outgoing and clown-like creature to humans but when facing enemies they will fight back drastically due to their territorial instincts and to protect their owners.

2. Features of Dachshund’s coat

dachshund color

Before getting into Dachshund coat colors, let’s take a closer look at these courageous creatures’ coats. The original dachshund has short hair and the mutant dachshund possess long hair.

Coat’s features

Long hair Dachshunds can have their hairs fall off easily so you will need to broom them daily and wash them carefully. About the short hair breed, it is easier to clean them up and also doesn’t take much time to do it. You will need to check and clean their sensitive spot like the skin, eyes, ears, and teeth weekly. Regular baths can help make your dog’s coat get silkier and also prevent them from being messed up or falling off and even reduce skin diseases.

If you bath them at home, remember to use a cotton towel that has warm water to clean their body.

3. Dachshund coat colors

Chocolate, sepia, red, vanilla, tan, chocolate & tan, silver dapple, black & tan, … are popular colors of a Dachshund’s coat.

Sepia dachshund

Sepia dachshund

Sepia dachshund

Just like their name, this kind of “hot dog” has a coat color of a mix between black and brown.

Usually, the sepia shade will take a large portion of their coat with some brighter color spots like Chesnut brown. These spots typically appear on their nose, legs, and the front of their chest, creating a unique feature for this breed.

Sepia shade is a popular color in “sausage hound”. Genetically, dominant genes will appear more than recessive genes which means the black shade is stronger than the brown one in this Dachshund breed.

This sepia shade in the Dachshund breed brings up the feeling of a strong, courageous, and very energetic dog.

Nowadays, Dachshund dogs with sepia shades are trending and are one of the top options to be the family pet for many “pet pawrents”.

Chocolate Dachshund

Chocolate Dachshund

Chocolate Dachshund or brown Dachshund is also a popular shade in this dog breed.

They usually only have this brown color for their entire coat with some special exceptions when brown Dachshunds have some area with a bright color or darker spots in their heads, back, chest, and legs or other kinds of shade in their nose, chest, and legs.

When referring to Dachshund dogs, chocolate is also a popular shade with this brown shade created by recessive genes.

Unlike the sepia shade, the chocolate shade in Sausage Hound brings a positive and fun feeling to these wonderful creatures.

More and more people are choosing to own a chocolate Dachshund because of the cheerful atmosphere around them which suits people who live alone with the Dachshund as their sole companion.

Silver Dapple Dachshund

Silver Dapple Dachshund

Silver Dapple is a very special color of “hot dog” as they are a mix between silver shades and some green or darker silver shades.

Spots with different colors can appear throughout the body of the dog. However, this combination does not make us dizzy but rather creates a unique trait for this Silver Dapple Dachshund breed.

Merle gene is the reason behind the dotted coat of the Silver Dapple Dachshund breed and also makes them one of the most favorable Dachshund breeds.

This silver and spotted coat can create a modern style for your dog and also a fresh and dynamic feeling around them.

The Silver Dapple Dachshund would be a perfect choice for people who love to explore new and unique things.

Black & Tan Dachshund

Black & Tan Dachshund

Black & Tan Dachshund’s color is a combination of black and tan shades.

The black shade will cover almost all of the body. Body parts like the nose, chest, and legs will possess the tan shade.

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This is a basic color for the Dachshund breed and can be spotted very often.

Black shade combined with tan shade will create a strong, healthy feeling for your beloved dog.

If you are a fan of an energetic dog then a Black and tan Dachshund would suit you perfectly.

In the article are some pieces of information about these cute “hot dogs” and some beautiful Dachshund fur colors for you to explore. We hope our article can help you have a better understanding of these adorable friends of humans.