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Dachshunds, the short-legged friends, they are also called doxie dogs, sausage dogs, wiener or hot dogs. They are one of the famous dogs in the world because they are so lovely and active. Besides, there are some reasons they are the best dogs.

They have funny personalities

Why Dachshunds Are The Best Dogs 1
Photo by Stephanie Bellisario‎

Sometimes, you catch your dog drinking out of the toilet, barking at nothing or at their reflection in a window or in the mirror. Have you ever scratched your dogs’ belly? I am sure that your dogs will move their legs to express their joy. Or you may catch they are sleeping in weird positions, putting their face out the car window when you take them out.

They are extremely loving and loyal.

Why Dachshunds Are The Best Dogs 2
Photo by Velma Carbajal‎

Dachshunds or other dogs are the best friends of humans. They love their owners unconditionally and they are willing to express their affection. When they follow you like your shadow, lick your face, jumping when you are coming home; You must be happy that your dogs extremely love you. Besides, the dogs are also loyal like wolves. There are many stories saying dogs sacrifice themselves to save their owners’ families. You may want to read Dachshund Dies In A Fierce Battle With Cobra To Protect Owner’s Family

They are the best snugglers.

Why Dachshunds Are The Best Dogs 3
Photo by Victoria Cheyanne Russell‎

Dachshunds are the little dogs however they have big attitude and even bigger hearts. They will be willing to snuggle with their owners for the rest of the time but they can be fierce as little warriors whenever there are any threats to their owner or themselves.

They are full of energy and it’s fun to watch them play.

Why Dachshunds Are The Best Dogs 4
Photo by Inma Fernández‎

Dachshund dogs are very active because their ancestors are hounds. They can run and jump at the park all day. It is really good because it keeps your dogs slim. Active dogs burn more calories than when they sleep all the time. Overweight can predispose a dog to diabetes. Besides, it helps your dogs lubricate their brains. I am sure that you will laugh when you catch your dogs jumping or playing.

They are the cutest dogs ever.

Why Dachshunds Are The Best Dogs 5
Photo by Tinygs‎

Sometimes dachshunds do goofy actions such as chasing their tails, sleeping on the grass at the park, destroying toilet papers… they are still so cute and the cutest dogs ever. Right?

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