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Teaching dachshunds to know their names and identify their names is the most important thing you can do when starting to buy or adopt them. Identifying a name is the foundation to help teaching your dachshund puppy other techniques, as well as form a relationship between you and your dog. Using dog names consistently and positively helps your dachshund know and understand when you need them and when you expect them to do something.

How To Teach Your Dachshunds To Recognize Their Names 1
Photo by Renee O’Brien Marcum‎

Teaching your dachshund his name with 7-quick-simple steps:

Step 1: Calling their names

How To Teach Your Dachshunds To Recognize Their Names 2
Photo by Linda Humphrey‎

First, calling your dachshund names in a cheerful, excited voice to create a positive experience for your puppies. Do not say anything else, and just call 1 time only.

Step 2: Rewarding when teaching your dogs their names

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Photo by Gitte Kronbäck‎

Reward dogs right when he looks at you after you have called his name. Most of the time, he will look at you to see what happen, but the benefit of getting a reward will motivate him to look at you the next time you name him. Using reward items such as pork liver (processed), beef heart (processed), sausages or chicken, cut into small pieces about the size of a pea. These foods are available now so you can buy them, which is very convenient.

Step 3: Praising your dachshund when he knows his name

Distracting the sausage dog a little bit, then call his name again. Reward him immediately when he looks at you, so he can relate the relationship between his name and the rewards and compliments you give him.

Step 4: Repeat the process of teaching the dog to know the name

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Photo by Charles Smith‎

Repeat the process of teaching his name about 10 times each day. Then let him rest. If you teach him too much, they will feel dull and no longer interested, and once they lost their attention, it is harder for them to respond when you call out.

Step 5: Practicing more and more

Having your dachshunds practice responding to his name many times a day. Try to keep the practice be always fun and give him treat any time he responds to his name. Practicing in different rooms of your home and yard (if your home has a yard). Minimizing things that might distract your dog like other pets or your children around when you are teaching them so they can focus on you only.

Step 6: Holding food when calling his name

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Photo by Julia Weinstein

Holding the reward right in front of your dachshund, touch his nose if he does not turn around to look at you when you call your name. When you know your dog can smell food, give him food and praise him when he turns to you. The puppy will understand the idea of turning around and facing you whenever you hear your name.

Step 7: Finish the training process

How To Teach Your Dachshunds To Recognize Their Names 6
Photo by Janet Villareal Bandoy‎

Teaching the puppy to respond to his names no matter where he is by calling his name (in another room or out of sight). If your doxie dog runs to you, reward him immediately and compliment him. If they do not know the reaction, in that case, keep teaching your dog in the same room until he is familiar with his name then try to practice from another room. Some puppies will take longer to learn names. However, when you have a consistent and positive training plan, puppies will learn their names.

Verify that your dachshund can respond to his name in any different situations.

Practicing name your dog regularly and everywhere, practice when your puppy is right next to you or a few meters away. You will also want to practice indoors or outdoors, as cars pass by, around other dachshunds and other people. You can also play a “name game” with other people to teach your dog how to recognize his name.  When they call his name and he looks at them, reward him.

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You want your dog to know that when his name is called, good things happen. Therefore, never call your dog’s name in an angry way. You want your dog to look happy with you whenever you call his name.

Let’s start training your dachshunds, my friends! This article uses photos from Dachshund Bonus Group and the photos were shared by member of the group. Thanks to all members for the shares.