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Taking care of a dachshund is not only a hobby but it is also a habit to help owners prevent dangerous diseases such as stroke, obesity, high blood pressure…

Many people think that taking care of a sausage dog is just a hobby, however, scientists have proven that taking care of dachshunds gives its owners dozens of health benefits.

Feeling happy, reducing stress

Health Benefits Not All Dachshund Owner Know 1
Photo by David Schweitzer‎

Recently, the Journal Society & Animals published a survey about the frequency of laughter of dachshund owners, cat owners and many other kinds of animal. The result shows that people who own dachshunds or other dogs feel happier and smile more than owning other animals.

Besides that, dachshund owners when interacting with them daily will release a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, more than usual. Therefore, when you own a four-legged friend, it means that you have a “drug” that helps reduce the amount of stress hormone, stabilize blood pressure and increase the feeling of closeness.

The scientists have also proven that staying with your pet for just a few minutes will also help reduce anxiety due to high levels of the hormone serotonin and dopamine.

Weight loss

Health Benefits Not All Dachshund Owner Know 2
Photo by Martín Pop‎

According to a report by the University of Michigan (USA), 60% of dachshund owners have reduced their weight significantly. The reason is that dachshund owners often have the hobby of walking their “pet” every day, spending up to 30 minutes every day, you will consume a significant amount of energy.

Becoming confident

Health Benefits Not All Dachshund Owner Know 3
Photo by Nancy Ronquist‎

Another study showed that dachshund owners will increase their self-confidence level greatly. Accordingly, the researchers gave dogs to 100 people with autism, and the result was surprising, after only 10 months, 63 of them were able to communicate and communicate normally with people around. The results also showed that they no longer fell into feelings of inferiority and complexity.

Detecting cancer early

Health Benefits Not All Dachshund Owner Know 4
Photo by Cathy Kennedy Thrasher‎

Scientists have tested the dog’s sense of smell, and the results showed that with a keen sense of smell, dogs can diagnose cancer early with an accuracy of up to 70 – 90%. Besides, a study also showed equally surprising results when these dogs could alert a seizure to epilepsy patients before it happened.

Reducing the risk of a heart attack

Health Benefits Not All Dachshund Owner Know 5
Photo Amy Mattson Hosler‎

Many studies show that keeping a dachshund will help lower the owner’s blood pressure. According to the results of Buffalo University, USA, when the research was conducted with 24 among 48 securities brokers who were treated for hypertension, they were given a dachshund or other dog, while the other half did not. Who has been given a dog has more stable and improved blood pressure. Besides it also helps to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels significantly.

Another research has also pointed out that doxie dog owners have a higher survival rate and a faster recovery rate after a stroke. Experts recommend adults should do exercise for about two and a half hours a week, and dog owners are more likely to achieve this goal by walking their dogs.

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