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We live with puppies because we make each other happy, but do you know that taking care of dachshund puppies also brings you more health benefits? Many studies have proven that taking care of dachshunds is good for our health!

1. Dachshund puppies help you reduce stress.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Own A Dachshund In Your House 1
Photo by Amy Mattson Hosler‎

Puppies are very helpful during times of stress. People with pets are less likely to get sick and recover faster than people without pets. Babies and children who grow up playing with puppies and kittens are less likely to have allergies as they mature.

Dogs can help you calm down better than having to take medicine. Because their action significantly decreases blood pressure, and the drug does not prevent this effect. The only thing that will protect you from high blood pressure after annoying conversations from other people is to focus on something outside yourself, like a pet. You can learn how to talk to your puppy effectively!

Your puppy doesn’t need to be there to make you feel something. As long as you know your puppy will always be waiting for you to come home, that’s enough. Cuddling and hugging your sausage dog can also help reduce blood pressure, so if you don’t have a pet, you can volunteer at an animal rescue station or pet a neighbor’s pet. A pet is a particularly effective medicine, especially when he is your own.

2. Dog puppies improve the development of children.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Own A Dachshund In Your House 2
Photo by Tammy Otto‎

There have even been studies by Aline and Robert Kidd showing that young people from pet-loving families scored higher on the cognitive, social and motor development test.

Another researcher, Robert Poretsky, established the Companion Animal Linking Scale. The younger children score high on this measurement tool, the higher their scores will be in all developmental and empathetic measures.

3. Dachshunds make you healthier, less likely to see a doctor.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Own A Dachshund In Your House 3
Photo by @loulou_sitges

According to a Japanese study, pet owners went to the doctor 30% less than those who are living without pets. Another survey conducted by the British researcher, Dr. James Serpell showed that, just one month after raising dachshunds or other dogs, the elderly has reduced 50% of minor medical problems such as Arthralgia, hay fever, insomnia, constipation, anxiety, indigestion, colds and flu, general tiredness, palpitations or shortness of breath, back pain and headache.

People who have a heart attack and living pet will recover faster and survive longer than survivors without a pet. Among us, who live with a beloved puppy or have an experience with another pet only have a half increase in blood pressure when stressed, compared to those who are living without a pet.

4. They will do exercise with you.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Own A Dachshund In Your House 4
Photo by Julie Anne Thomson

Keeping up with puppies can be a challenge when chasing dachshunds around the house and yard, however, it also has other benefits too.

Pets help you increase exercise. My physical strength has increased since the four-legged friends came to live with us. My doxie dog loves to catch and we catch outdoors many times a day, and that made me stand up and move. Puppies will not accept you to refuse, they will never let you sleep late, if the food bowl is empty, they will let you know right away and you also cannot ignore the dog’s need for exercise.

Exercise reduces anxiety, boredom, and depression. While others hope that people will care about them, pet owners can have fun playing with puppies, which is good for our mental health as well as for pets. Take time every day to play with your puppy and you’ll feel better!

Pets connect between people together. Taking a dog for a walk or talking about a puppy at the grocery store helps us to talk, connect and care about life and others.

5. Dachshunds can help us relieve pain!

Top 5 Reasons You Should Own A Dachshund In Your House 5
Photo by David Amado‎

Seriously, I’m not exaggerating. Positron emission tomography (PET scan) is an imaging test that helps physicians detect the biochemical changes used to diagnose and monitor various health conditions.

These tests show that touching a pet reduces brain pain processing centers. Puppies can ease pain and anxiety that are always inside you without the side effects of Valium. In other words, a puppy lying on your lap can ease your pain.

We often talk about bonding relationships, when talking about the love we have for pets. Science can measure this pet effect because thoughts and attitudes are affected by changes in brain chemistry. These chemicals evoke feelings of elation, safety, tranquility, happiness, satisfaction, even love.

Blood tests measuring these chemicals show increased levels for humans and pets when there is a link between you and your puppies. In other words, when you bond with your puppies, the chemicals emit well and the bond helps both to feel loved.

Of course, if your dachshund puppy is a mischievous one, needs more instruction, it can make you angry by chewing items or tripping in the house.

But the feelings that puppies have for us are worth so we can just do not care about those things for long. Do not underestimate the impact your puppy has on you and your puppy. Treat your dog as a great medicine, and you’ll both deserve the health benefits from each other.

It is time to own a dachshund? This article uses photos from Dachshund Bonus Group and the photos were shared by member of the group. Thanks to all members for the shares.