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Some people love dachshunds like a woman loves an adorable puppy or simply they see that it is very cute. Or some people like to do selfie with their dog all day and when they have to go out, they will miss their dachshund so much.

Do you see yourself the same?

Here are 10 signs that you may be giving more love to your dachshund than paying attention to other people:

Photo by Alan Welham‎

1. You like watching horror movies but you are extremely scared if your dachshund is injured.

Photo by Cassandra Starr‎

2. You don’t want to go out with your friend just because you prefer to stay at home playing with your puppy

Photo by Allison Belle‎

3. You will feel uncomfortable if you see other people who are not neat and tidy, but when your sausage dog spreads messy toys everywhere and you feel it is so lovely.

Photo by Frank Fett‎

4. If a friend come to play with you, but she does not care of your dachshund. Next time, you will not invite her to come to your house again.

Photo by Patrick Foreman

5. You feel very happy when your puppy is sleeping on your lap even that make you cannot move.

6. You don’t like to share your food with anyone except your puppy.

Photo by Stephanie MizzJhet Fulbright‎

7. You will be upset when someone take over your place but you are please if your dachshund does that.

Photo by Xu Wei

8. You get irritated if your traveling companions are too slow, but it is no problem when your dachshund stops to sniff grass.

Photo by Austin Sangalang‎

9. You are always eager to run home to play with your dachshund

Photo by Teresa Howe-Klesath‎

10. If someone says: “It’s just a dog”, you won’t want to talk to that person again!