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There is no way to know whether dachshund really loves you or just wants to come to you to find food. And it is unfair if we think that our dog does not love you. Therefore, there are some signals indicating that the dog loves you and it’s pretty important.

Look how dachshunds show their love to the owner.

Photo by Bettina Weber‎

1. They are not concerned in your appearance.

When a dachshund likes you, he/she is willing to run to you to hug you and does not care what you are wearing, what perfume you are using. 

The dachshund does not mind that you were still wearing sports shoes 30 years ago or does not notice that you had not combed your hair for the time 6 months. And even if your weight has been increased by nearly a dozen pounds, it doesn’t matter, the dachshund may consider it an opportunity to love you more.

Photo by Barbara Paige Gardner‎

2. Dachshund shows that he is interested in what you are doing.

You are frying meat and dachshunds are acting as if it is the most interesting thing they have ever seen. Or when you are preparing to make a pizza and your dachshund watches you put each slice of cheese on the cake. If you feel your dog is looking at you even if you’re simply making a peanut butter sandwich, make sure your beloved puppy is mesmerized by your moves.

Photo by Tina Lemons Clymer‎

3. Dachshund will get jealous when you play with other dogs or other animals.

Have you ever seen your beloved puppy seem to be shocked when you walk or comb another pet?

4. Dachshund will run to you whenever you call

You used to call your dachshund continuously until your puppy react and run to you? That is a sign that your dachshund loves you more than whatever.

Photo by Hồ Thị Thụy Ý

5. Wave their tail

According to a study by two Italian veterinarians and one neuroscientist, the direction your dachshund wags his tail says a lot about how he’s feeling. If he wags to his right, you’re probably the human of his dreams.

To his left, and it may be he’s just not that into you. Come on, could we make this stuff up?

If you know other reasons your dachshund loves your, please comment below