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Dachshunds The Smart Dogs

Did you ever think about the IQ of dachshunds? Dachshunds the intelligent dogs? After reading this post, you will have a different think about these dogs. Dachshunds look cute and funny because they come with short legs and long bodies but you see that they are symmetric and they can make you laugh.

Now, go to insight of dachshunds to know how smart they are.

How smart are dachshunds?
How smart are dachshunds? Photo by Petra von Quillfeldt‎

Dachshunds derived from Germany. At that time, they were trained to hunt small animals like birds, mice… Now they are very famous and are the most favorite dogs in around the world. Besides, dachshunds are also easy to train compared to other dogs because they are independent, so it will not take you much time to train and take care of dachshunds.

IQ of dachshunds

What is Dachshund intelligence?

Q of dachshunds
Q of dachshunds – dachshund intelligence. Photo by Tony Gross‎

You may be surprised if you know that IQ of dachshunds is ranked at 49th. Though the rank is not high, dachshunds are super cute with silly appearances and they are pretty smart.

Although dachshunds possess a low IQ in dog’s IQ list, dachshunds show to their owners that they are so smart and they are not inferior to other dogs. Besides, they are also loyal and this is the precious thing of dachshunds. You can see how smart and loyal are dachshunds by watching the videos below:

Should we own a dachshund?

Should we own a dachshund? Dog intelligence
Should we own a dachshund? Dog intelligence Photo by Gav Lisa Jones‎

Of course we should own one or more dachshunds because of reasons below:

Dachshunds are so brave, powerful, clever, and confident. They have a good sense of smell and they are very patient. Dachshund puppies can remember almost what you teach and that is why they are easy to train.

As you know, dachshunds are extremely loyal. They can wait for their owner for hours until the owners come home or they are willy to attack strangers who are threatening their owners. In addition, you don’t need to worry about dachshunds because they are always conscious and they can protect themselves from a stranger.

In conclusion, dachshunds are best choice even their IQ ranking is just 49th. Dachshunds are so adorable so you are not difficult to make a decision of owning a dachshund, right?

Comment what makes you love and own a dachshund.

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