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Dachshunds as well as the other dogs are friends of humans, they will never leave us alone no matter we are rich or poor, we are healthy or sick; We are always the unique owners in their eyes and they are extremely loyal to their owners.

As a dachshund lover, you must show your love to your four-legged friends but you may not know how to do that. If you don’t do that properly, the dogs surely hate that. So learn how to show affection to your adorable dogs by following this article.

In fact, the way you show love to your dachshunds is very different from what the dogs actually want. You love to embrace the dogs, however they don’t necessarily like it. So, it would be great if you learn how to express love in the “dog language”, as outlined in the article below.

1. Lying on your dachshunds instead of cuddling them.

How To Properly Show Affection To Your Dachshunds? 1
Photo by Kelly Louise Hucker‎

That is correct, the dogs always like to lay on their owners or contrary. If you notice, you will see that the dogs many times try to lie on you, even lying on your feet. That is the way the puppies want to cuddle you.

2. Raising your eyebrows when looking into your dogs’ eyes.

How To Properly Show Affection To Your Dachshunds? 2
Photo by Theresa Darcy‎

Dachshunds don’t like face to face with their owners. They will feel tense, uncomfortable.

However, we cannot be denied the fact that dog owners love to look into the eyes and filled with the “cuteness” in it. So how to be good for both?

It is so simple, whenever you would like to do that, raise your eyebrows constantly. According to a study on behavior of animals, that action will be translated as a signal of love. Then the dogs’ brain will increase oxytocin, the love hormone. The more you move your eyebrows, the more the effect will increase.

3. Talking to your dogs.

How To Properly Show Affection To Your Dachshunds? 3
Photo by Charles Smith

Many people think that it is crazy to keep talking to a dog. However, many studies have shown that dachshunds or other dogs are able to understand what you say and remember a lot of words. Besides, the can also know your emotion by the tone of voice.

Therefore, talking to the puppies with a loving attitude will help them understand that you love them so much.

4. Brushing and massage your dachshunds.

How To Properly Show Affection To Your Dachshunds? 4
Photo by Megan Johnston‎

You may not know that the dogs are not like other animals and they extremely like to be massaged. That helps the dogs increase oxytocin in their brains. And you probably know that it is hormone of love.

Besides, brushing the dogs’ hair also has the same effect.

5. Walking your dogs frequently.

How To Properly Show Affection To Your Dachshunds? 5
Photo by Deidra Potter-Snider

Talking the dogs for a walk, or simply taking them with you when you go outside. It’s really a good method. It will not only help your puppies get a good health, but it also helps them understand how much you love them.

According to a study published in Dog Time, walking the dogs is a perfect way to help them know that who is taking care of them. In addition, feeding, cuddling also help the four-legged friends feel the love of their owners.

6. Rubbing ears of the dachshunds.

How To Properly Show Affection To Your Dachshunds? 6
Photo by @all.about.otis

Beside massaging body, the dogs also love massaging their ears. According to Dog Time, this action will make the little friends feel comfortable because their ears have a lot of nerves responsible for stimulating Endorphin, an emotional hormone.

In fact, this is also the hormone released when we use drugs. That is why the can say that dogs are very addicted when we rub their ears.

7. Hand feeding.

How To Properly Show Affection To Your Dachshunds? 7
From Internet

If you are a dachshund lover, you must feed your dogs. However, do you feed your dogs with your hand? If you do, it’s great because it is an extremely effective way to improve the bond of dogs and human.  It is the conclusion of a veterinarian on WebMD.

Hand feeding is better than letting your dachshund eat food in a bowl. They will learn to relax and enjoy the meal with their owners faster, and you can also teach them to eat food slowly, not so quickly because it is not good for them.

This article uses photos from Dachshund Bonus Group and the photos were shared by member of the group. Thanks to all members for the shares.

Please comment what you often do to show love for your dachshunds!