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Taking care of puppies and raising them is a work of art. To those who are about to have a 4-legged friend in your house, spend your time playing with them and consult ideas of experienced people.

1. Pick a healthy puppy

How To Care For A New Dachshund Puppy 1
Photo by Tony Hammond‎

Take in mind, you should pick puppies from 2 to 2.5 months old or older, it will guarantee the minimum physical health of puppies. For the best result, you should be picked puppies from the owner house with the mother dog or import directly from the source with a clear background. There will be healthy, active puppies with “Health Certification”, vaccination stamps with a clear date.

2. Preparing a home for puppies

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Photo by Bob Cooper‎

Puppies place should be dry, warm, filled with sunlight so they can sunbathe from 9-11 AM in the morning. Puppies place should have a bed and toilet. Hiding all the items which can be chewed or swallowed by puppies like plastic, iron, and glass, etc., especially away from electrical wires and appliances, gas stoves, fire appliances, chemicals, and poisonous plants. Avoid putting puppies in high positions: windows, balconies, stairs easy to fall.

If your home already has other animals: other dogs, cats … Be careful of contact, get acquainted slowly so your dog will not be frightened or be attacked, accident and other psychological stress.

Dogs should not stay in air-conditioned or in front of the fan as they can easily get cold …

3. How to bath your dachshunds properly?

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Photo by N’Dea Crook

Right after you picked up the dachshund puppies, you should not bath them with water right away, you can use powder to get rid of the smell if they have because if you bathe right away, puppies are very likely to get pneumonia and then develop dangerous infectious diseases.

The first night away from the mother, these puppies can bark. You can cuddle gently to make the puppies sleep and feel the love!

After they get used to it, you can bathe your puppies. Puppies can be bathed with warm water, so using dog soap to prevent ticks, it is sold at every pet supermarket. Remember to dry immediately after bathing. Do not let water in dog ears. Use a clean cotton swab to clean the ear after a shower to prevent ear rot. (Ear infections are hard to treat.)

When you should you not bathe the puppies?

When the weather is too cold, the temperature is lower than 18 degree

Puppies are nursing or have just separated from their mother.

The dachshund puppy is sick or shows signs of being sick.

Newly picked dachshunds.

4. Nutrition for puppies

How To Care For A New Dachshund Puppy 4
Photo by Michelle Halim‎

Puppies from 2 months to 6 months of age should be fed 3 meals a day, divided equally throughout the day. Meals need to have a certain amount of time for the four-legged friend to fully digest the food.

Diets must be full of nutrients and energy: Protein, fat, starch, minerals and vitamins from natural foods. Do not overuse drugs or synthetic foods. Be careful not to overeat milk, fish, and fat. Specifically, dog food should include rice flour, cornflour, minced meat or cattle organs (buffaloes, cows, horses, limiting pork due to indigestion). Food must be cooked and diluted like porridge, do not give dry food. You should estimate the food amount depends on the size of the sausage dogs.

Feeding the puppies about 3-4 meals a day, stop feeding when they are almost full. Never overfeed your dog. Your puppies should be fed a meal fuller than usual once a week. They can eat additional eggs but it must be cooked then feed gradually until it can eat fully raw. Do not prepare ready-to-eat dog food.

Always prepare clean drinking water. Feeding tools: dishes, plates, etc. must always be clean, dry.

After the meal, the dachshund should be freed and hygienic for 5, 10 minutes and it will help them to digest the food. Dinner should be fuller a little more and dachshund owners should spend more time releasing the dachshunds.

Note when feeding your puppies:

When you see the dachshunds with unusual symptoms: vomiting, anorexia, sadness, diarrhea, sickness, to stop feeding, invite the veterinarian to examine and consult. Forced feeding is now extremely dangerous for the dogs.

Do not give rancid food, cat food, pig bran, or garbage, human and animal waste. “Scary” smells to ordinary people are dangerous for puppies. Be careful!

The dachshund’s meal usually lasts no more than 5 minutes, if the dachshund is completely eaten out and still slightly craving, it is necessary to wash the bowl immediately after eating. If the doxie dog finishes food but still has leftovers, take them away and have to reduce the amount of food the next time (some dachshund owners have a habit of leaving food to eat when the dachshund is hungry, it is harmful dachshunds because leftovers are easily rancid and indigestible will lead to dehydration which is very dangerous).

5. Some activities which are good for your puppies

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Photo by Ryan Volk‎

After an evening walk, you may give a little milk or diluted sugar water. Taking care of your puppies or walking the dachshund gently, the puppies will be closer to you!

Puppies love to chew, grind their teeth, they will often bite shoes and household items, it not only toxic, but it also causes indigestion. You should keep your dachshund away from chewable items. Items as “fake bones”, “toys” for dachshunds that are researched and manufactured by experts will be a solution. Otherwise, you can use boiled pork leg bone, remove the marrow, soaked in lime water for 10 days, dried, sterile for gnawing, grinding teeth.

6. Health care, disease prevention for puppies

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Photo by Lean Ojeda Rogers‎

– Vaccination: You should ask your veterinarian to double-check and give advice on your dog’s vaccination procedure. “Primary Vaccination” is an extremely important concept with puppies. 3-month-old dachshund must be immunized at least twice for diseases: Care, Pavo, Lepto, Parainfluenza, Rabies … Every injection must be labeled with medicine and write the date of injection and sign of veterinarian in “Health Book” of dachshunds or other dogs.

– Removal of helminths: At least 2 times when the dog is 4 months old to treat all kinds of worms: chopsticks, hookworms … Should give medication to prevent “heartworm” from 4 months of age.

Attention to disease prevention for dachshunds.

7. When do puppies grow up?

How To Care For A New Dachshund Puppy 7
Photo by Lean Ojeda Rogers‎

After 5 months, it is possible to supplement weekly with some beef, horses but must be very fresh with the amount from a little to a lot later (for big dogs, guarding and professional work). Do not be afraid of dachshunds going out when feeding raw meat, because of the wild instinct, dachshunds still eat raw animals from the jungle animals, after started living with a human, they adapt to human food. For small dogs, some cooked meat is fine.

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