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For dachshund lovers, this collection of dachshund language “dictionaries” will be the secret to help them win those puppies’ hearts quickly.

No matter what happened, you should have at least 1 puppy in your house because these four-legged friends are the most loyal to humans. To form a firm friendship, we must use our love and our loving actions to create trust in them. But first, understanding dachshund’s body language is a lesson that every owner needs to keep in mind.

Putting their tails down

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 1
Photo by Hồ Thị Thụy Ý

When dachshunds wag their tails down and wave slowly, it means they do not know what to do. It is also a sign of the question “What do lovely dachshund puppies want me to do?”.

Putting their tails up

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 2
Photo by Alicia Weeks Perry‎

If the tails of these 4-legged friends are raised and wagged, it means they’re ready to do so.

When they are ready to play, the puppy eyes will stare wildly and blink.

Tail between legs

When scared, in pain, or uncomfortable, the doxie dog will clip his tail between his hind legs. Therefore, if their tails are often in such condition, you should take them to the vet.

Ears standing up

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 3
Photo by Melanie Daly

Going to a new place, dachshunds will feel very curious. At this point, their ears will stand up.

Ears down

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 4
Photo by Kels Elizabeth

However, when frightened, one or both of their ears will hang down. This happens when they meet strangers or people who scare them.

Opening mouth wide

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 5
Photo by Amber Craig‎ @harpergirl

When dachshunds open their mouths, this means they are getting nagged with anger. This action usually takes place when they encounter strange dachshunds. However, humans who are attached, they open their mouths.

Face licking

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 6
Photo by Jade Lewellyn

Licking is a sign of stress, depression, or anger.

Showing teeth

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 7
Photo by Silvia Vellozo

Showing teeth but not growling is the way dachshunds protect their territory. For example, protect your diet.

Eyes open wide

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 8
Photo by Amalie Anderson

Dachshund’s eyes are also the soul’s window. When they open their eyes wide and give off a cool look, they are paying attention to you. Remember to respond to this friendly act!

Lying with their stomach up.

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 9
Photo by Rosalined Fred Lojingki‎

Feel happy when dachshunds roll and expose their stomachs in front of you because they have to trust and want to please you, so they act like that. In return for the loyalty of friends, rub their bellies.

Rubbing their face on your knees.

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 10
Photo by Caroline Brisebois‎

To attract attention, dachshunds often rub their faces on their owners’ knees. That proves they need you. Pressing your nose into your hands means they want to be pampered.

Putting their feet on your knees

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 11
Photo by Marlene Turton Simms

If your sausage dog puts his foot on your knee, looks smug, look him in the eye and slowly give up his paws because this action means they’re complacent.

Putting up one leg

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 12
Photo by Kerry Parker‎

A raised leg proves that the dachshund wants to call you. Maybe it’s because they’re hungry, want to play, or just find something interesting.

Turning their back on you

Understanding Your Dachshund's Gestures 13
Photo by Cat Love-Wilkins‎

To show their confidence, dachshunds will turn their backs on you.

Dachshunds shake their bodies as a way to relieve stress, such as after bathing.

This article uses photos from Dachshund Bonus Group and the photos were shared by members of the group. Thanks to all members for the shares.