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Dachshunds have always been considered as best friends of humans. They have a lot of special gifts and can be trained to be an effective assistant.

However, scientists have continued to discover one more interesting feature of dachshunds, which is the natural ability to help them easily identify who is a good person and who is a bad person.

Can Dachshunds Recognize A Good And A Bad Person? 1
Photo by Tanica Maché Fourie‎

Specifically, an interesting study was carried out by the Kyoto University scientists, announced and published in the Animal Cognition, in which they demonstrated that doxie friends are a highly social-conscious animal. can feel when you are happy, sad or angry, more specifically, they can recognize someone unreliable through some simple signs.

In the study, the scientists did 3-step tests with 34 dachshunds and other dogs. As a first step, they instructed the dogs to come to the boxes with the food inside, the second step, they were taken to empty containers with nothing, and to the last step, the dogs were pointed to boxes with food, but this time, because of their lack of trust, they did not react strongly to human suggestions.

Can Dachshunds Recognize A Good And A Bad Person? 2
Photo by Madi Harris

However, if you continue to repeat step 1 after going through the three steps above, the dogs quickly believe and follow the order.

The scientists concluded in the study as follows: “These results show that dachshunds or dogs are not only capable of understanding human gestures well, but they also make their inferences about credibility. depend on one person through his actions, then change behavior flexibly depending on that reasoning”.

Lead researcher Akiko Takaoka said: “Dachshunds have a higher sense of social intelligence than we think. This intelligence has grown selectively in the history of sticking to people’s lives all the time.

Can Dachshunds Recognize A Good And A Bad Person? 3
Photo by Edquarter Bkk‎

Specifically, this study assumes the situation when the owner is in trouble and then asks people to help while leaving the dachshunds beside and watching. Finally, the researchers realized, the puppy did not receive food from those who had bad behavior or appeared rude to their owners, instead, they proved very friendly to those ready to help the victim.