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Dachshunds are not only pets, but they are also the best friends of human, that is why people keep falling in love with these cute little pals. If you are considering of having a dachshund puppy, what kind of breed should you have, read the article below to discover amazing benefits of having a puppy with you!

1. Owning dachshunds improves cardiovascular

9 Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund That Will Make You Surprised 1
Photo by Adrian Jacob Lok‎

These four-legged friends can not only fill your heart but can also help you reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. The research conducted on more than 3.4 million Swedish people between the ages of 40-80 within 12 years shows that families with dachshunds have a risk of dying from cardiovascular disease reduce by about 36 %.

Equivalently, the results of a survey conducted with more than 5,200 American adults show that pet owners are more physically active than non-adopters. This contributes to reducing high blood pressure, excess cholesterol and bad fat in the blood. Moreover, people who own dachshunds will have less heart attack and if they have a heart attack, they will also have a higher survival rate than those who don’t.

2. Owning dachshunds helps reducing stress

9 Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund That Will Make You Surprised 2
Photo by Sue Joubert‎

Imagine that after a long day of work, the first thing you see when get home from work is your dog sitting at the door, waiting for you, waving his tail at you, giving you the warmest welcome, so much of comfort right? Scientists said that spending a few minutes with your pets, your brain will secrete serotonin and dopamine – two “happy hormones” of humans, more than usual.

Therefore, for those who are working in pressure environments like policemen, having a doxie dog besides will help them so much in their work, comfort them, make them feel much better. Dachshunds are the bond between any married couples. Moreover, depending on how you are owning your dachshunds, they will give out different happy reactions.

3. Keeping your mind lucid

9 Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund That Will Make You Surprised 3
Photo by Guillermo Maldonado‎

Being a friend with your dogs will make your mind more lucid.

Health experts recommend that an adult should exercise regularly for 2 hours and 30 minutes per week. Training your dachshunds to exercises also helps to improve their health. There’s no denying that exercise helps your mind work better. However, according to Statista’s statistics, about half of the Vietnamese population only exercises 1-2 hours a week or never practices. If you are in this group of people, owning a dachshund puppy is a good idea.

According to observers, dachshund owners tend to exercise more than those who don’t, unconsciously. Dachshund owners go out more often to walk their dogs out and play with them, an active habit will be created and somehow dachshund owners tend to love sports than usual. Activities will help you refresh your mind, you will think more clearly and make better decisions.

Taking care of dogs not only helps young people think better but older people can also improve their mental health through walking dogs. A study in Gerontologist has shown that older people walk their dachshunds for better health, go to the doctor less often.

4. Effective diet method

9 Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund That Will Make You Surprised 4
Photo by Julius Sarosi

You will no longer have to struggle with your diet since you will never be able to sit calmly with these cute little pals.

Scientists have proved so many times that walking your four-legged friends every will help losing weight since you have to exercise with a proper intensity in 10-20 minutes even more than 30 minutes. A 50 kg person will consume about 40 kilocals for 1 km of jogging.

In fact, in 2010, a small experiment showed that public household residents had to “borrow” dogs from others to walking them out 5 times a week to lose 7 kilograms within a year. Moreover, dachshunds owners consider walking their dachshunds out as responsibility, not just an exercise to lose weight.

5. Detecting cancer earlier

9 Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund That Will Make You Surprised 5
Photo by Sione Cristina da Costa‎

A recent study by a pharmaceutical laboratory based in Florida has shown that dachshunds can use their sensitive ears to detect lung cancer in human blood samples with an accuracy of up to 97%. They trained 4 dachshunds how to distinguish between normal serous and sample from malignant lung cancer patients.

Although there is one dachshund did not follow the study, all three of the remaining dachshund correctly identified 96.7% of lung cancer samples and 96.7% normal samples. This is a wonderful thing, although cancer still has not been cured, the early detection of disease will greatly support the treatment process, giving patients a better chance of survival.

The combination of the two methods: using dachshunds or other dogs to detect odors to identify cancer, identify biological compounds that dogs detect and then design cancer screening tests based on those compounds. It is considered a great step of science in the effort to fight this evil disease.

6. Expanding social relationships

9 Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund That Will Make You Surprised 6
Photo by Charles Smith‎

Making more friends is a surprise benefit when raising dachshunds. If you feel a bit shy when catching up with strangers or having trouble making friends with someone else, having a sausage dog right there will help you break the ice.

A study of the topic “Talking to dog owners while walking” was carried out in England and concluded that dachshund owners are often extroverted.

One of the most effective ways to catch up with strangers is to ask about their pet like, “Have you had a dachshund for a long time?” Or compliments like “Your dachshund is so cute!”. When you start attracting the attention of others on a general topic of pets, people will be more open and easily chat with you.

7. Feeling safe

9 Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund That Will Make You Surprised 7
Photo by Jenny Wilson‎

For those who live alone (especially women), raising a dog will make you feel more secure. So what dog should you raise? Those dachshunds with strong, muscular stature and vigilance to strangers will be the perfect choice to keep the house and the owner safer.

Moreover, sensitive ears will help dachshunds quickly detect thieves and inform their owners by loud barks.

Hearing is a fairly common trait in dachshunds, so it is not difficult to choose a dachshund with this characteristic. Owning a dachshund will make you feel safer, mentally and physically.

8. Reducing the risk of allergies in children

9 Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund That Will Make You Surprised 8
Photo by Henri Liiver

It may sound odd, parents who have children usually wonder what they should do to avoid dogs losing their hair which will cause allergies. However, the reality has proved the opposite. Dogs reduce the risk of allergies to pets in children up to 33%, according to a study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 2004.

Early contact with pets, especially dogs, helping the immune system of young children grow, reducing the risk of allergies. Contact with pets after this stage of development will not have the same effect on the immune system.

9. Repulse depression

9 Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund That Will Make You Surprised 9
Photo by Silvia Vellozo‎

People believe that dachshund owners are less depressed than those who do not own dachshunds or other dogs, because dogs have an emotional lifestyle, always care about their owners and know how to bring joy to people. Moreover, dachshunds are very loyal, reliable and easily trained dogs. So, what kind of dog should you bring home? The answer is that any kind of dog can be your great friend. Having a dog by your side, you feel less lonely when you have a friend to share. Other evidence suggests that older women living alone, HIV-positive patients who have dogs, depression are less than those who do not. This proves that owning dogs is considered as an effective treatment in reducing depression for many people of different ages.

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