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While playing, a cute dachshund puppy recognized that his owner was going to be attacked by a friend. The cute puppy right away stopped playing at the moment his owner being kicked, he dropped his toy and ran to his owner to attack against the friend, he even ran as far as possible to chase the boy away.

As you can see, dachshunds are extreme brave, they are willing to sacrifice their lives to save their owners, even they are young.

The dachshund puppy certainly has strong protective instincts towards his owner and is a brave friend for bravely attacking against anyone to protect his owner.

Dachshunds might be the smallest hounds, however they are the biggest in spirit, and that are why they are the bravest dogs. Besides, dachshunds are also popular thanks to their characters, intelligence, hunting spirit, loyalty, and absolute devotion to their owners.

In fact, there are many stories that dachshunds sacrifice their lives to protect their owner’s family. And a newest one is a sad story. A poor dog dies after a fierce battle with a cobra to protect his owner’s family. You can read it here.

The video is funny and the puppy is super cute. Nobody does not want to own a dachshund, right?

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