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The Dachshunds are popular dogs in the world. These four-legged friends have a unique physique. Besides, they have an immense personality to captivate the hearts of many families. But, if you plan to get a Dachshund, you are wondering “Are Dachshunds Smart?”. Let’s find out in this article.

Some characteristics of Dachshund

They are from Germany. In the past, Dachshunds were scent hound dogs with short legs and they were bred to hunt badgers and other tunneling animals like foxes and rabbits. Now, they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. There are 3 sizes of Dachshund.

Are Dachshund Dogs Smart? 1
Photo by Kiên Đinh

-Small: 19-23 inches chest girth, weight does not exceed 21 lbs

-Medium: 21-25 inches chest girth, weight does not exceed 27 lbs

-Large: 23-27 inches chest girth, weight does not exceed 33 lbs

Among all dog breeds, Dachshunds are very lovely and easy to keep indoor. They are highly independent, so taking care of them is not to hard and not time consuming. Training these dogs is also simple and quick.

IQ of Dachshunds

Are Dachshund Dogs Smart? 2
Photo by Tin Nguyễn

IQ of these sausage dogs is ranked 49th in the world. Although this is not a high ranking position, this is the attraction of this dog breed. They sometimes look so silly and lovely.

If only based on IQ, we cannot decide if the dog breed is suitable for raising or not. Dogs with a high IQ are so easy to be trained. However, low or high IQ also requires the trainers to be patient. Spending time to train your dogs is the most effective method.

Comparing to other dog breeds, the IQ of the Dachshund dog does not stand out in the rankings. However, they give their owners the feeling that they are extremely smart dogs. With absolute loyalty and agility, Dachshund dogs always act as well as high IQ animals.

Should we own Dachshund dogs?

Are Dachshund Dogs Smart? 3
Photo by Loan Pham

Dachshunds are extremely brave, confident, and loyal dog breeds. They have an extremely strong sense of smell and outstanding patience. When they are under training, they show receptive abilities so do not misunderstand that they are difficult to train.

The Dachshund is also extremely loyal to its owner. They will always on high alert when strangers approach but you can rest assured because this dog breed has a cool head. Therefore, you do not need to worry about strangers who could endanger your dog.

Are Dachshund Dogs Smart? 4
Photo by Hieu Huynh

Although dachshunds are ranked 49th in Stanley Coren’s Intelligence of Dogs, they are loved by many families in the world. Therefore choosing to own a Dachshund dog will make your life more enjoyable.