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Dachshunds are known as the best friends of humans because of their loyalty. However, according to recent research, everything seems to be the results of biochemical reactions are derived from those “innocent” eyes.

Besides, dachshunds are a very intelligent creature, they are also very loyal to their owner, they have been living with the human for more than thousands of years. Although they are our closest friends, there are things we still do not know about them.

1. They always wag their tails

5 Amazing Secret Only Dachshund Owners Understand 1
Photo by Sharon Forte‎

Why are dachshunds wagging their tails?

Many people think that when dachshund dogs waving their tails it means they are happy when seeing their owners. However, some research has shown that whenever puppies waving their tails, it means they are about to attack you.

Like some other animals, when they are in danger, they will make some major actions to scared the opponent before attacking and waving their tails is one of those actions.

2. They can scent disease

5 Amazing Secret Only Dachshund Owners Understand 2
Photo by Melissa Lynn‎

We all know dachshunds have a very good sense of smell that they can sniff from far away. However, we still think that dog can barely scent disease, but it has been proved in some research recently that they can scent disease.

In 2006, scientists trained dachshunds so they could sniff out diseases like breast cancer or embryonic cancer and the results were surprisingly high up to 90%.

3. Food for dachshunds

5 Amazing Secret Only Dachshund Owners Understand 3
Photo by Nathan Crandall

Many people believe that foods are good for human health will be also good for their dachshunds. However, this is not true, there is some human food which cannot be absorbed by dogs.

Nuts like grapes, raisins, garlic onions or caffeinated varieties can all be harmful to doxie friends. Even foods like apples can kill your dachshunds.

4. Tobacco also affects the dachshunds’ brain

5 Amazing Secret Only Dachshund Owners Understand 4
Photo by Georgi Nefir‎

Tobacco has been considered as toxic and condemned for a long time by the world. It affects the nervous system as well as the respiratory system. Just like humans, dachshunds will also be strongly influenced by cigarette smoke. Because the dachshund’s nose is better than humans, the dog’s lung can be suffered more than human lungs. They can have lung or nose disease permanently.

5. Dachshunds have an intelligence of a 2-year-old baby

5 Amazing Secret Only Dachshund Owners Understand 5
Photo by Chrystee Foley‎

Four-legged friends are very intelligent, they are ranked among the top 10 smartest animals. However, according to a study of dog scientists, the average intelligence of dachshunds is equaled to a 2-year-old baby. Dachshunds can remember 250 words and can do simple math problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

However, there will be some dachshunds that are smarter than they can go home with MRT by themselves.

Dachshunds are not only our pet, but they are also our partner for all these years. They help us guarding our house, make us happy, protect us when needed. There are so many reasons to have a dog next to you. What are you waiting for? Find yourself a cute, little 4-leg friend.

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