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Whenever your dachshunds feel uncomfortable, sad, or scared, it always makes you feel worried. Maybe because they love you so much, every action of you can make hurt their feelings. Things below are things your dachshunds might not like.

Not all of them, but dachshunds will easily accept affectionate actions from you. However, keeping your 4-legged friends in your embrace somehow will make them feel cramped, they will consider your actions as an expression of domination. They will try to accept embraces from their beloved owner, it does not mean they like it.

Observing the body language of dachshunds, hard posture, the stressful expression means that the dog is not very interested in the action. This is important to warn children not to hug dachshunds when they feel uncomfortable, avoid having serious injuries.

Giving orders with too many words

Things Your Dachshunds May Not Like 1
Photo by Patricia-Ghen Fry‎

We all love to talk to dachshunds, it’s almost a habit, but sometimes you forget that dachshunds won’t understand most of what you say. This is very important in training and giving commands to dachshunds. Use just a few words when giving commands like standing, sitting, lying … that will make it easier for dachshunds to follow your orders.

Yelling at your dogs

Things Your Dachshunds May Not Like 2
Photo by Courtney Gilland McGhee‎

All dachshund breeds have their own limitation, so you will succeed more in training dachshunds with encouragement rather than yelling at them when they do wrong. Screams can make them scared, worried, though they can’t understand what you’re saying.

For example, if your puppy bites your socks or shoes, instead of yelling them, instruct them with the object, after the dog can do it, reward them. Repeat later, they will know what they should do.

Touching their faces

Things Your Dachshunds May Not Like 3
Photo by Carmen Lizeth Antunez‎

Pleasant dachshunds will accept the gentle touch by the people they love. On the other hand, dachshunds can tolerate fingers close to their faces but that doesn’t mean they like it. If you’ve just met some lovely dog, it’s best to just stroke their neck, shoulder or chest if you don’t want to have unnecessary injuries.

Making eyes contact

Things Your Dachshunds May Not Like 4
Photo by Madi Harris‎

For those who are pet owners, looking into the eyes of your dachshunds is a sign of love. However, with strange dachshunds, looking into their eyes means you are challenging or threaten them. Please be careful!

Not letting them interact with the environment

Things Your Dachshunds May Not Like 5
Photo by Camara Tallmadge‎

The scent is the dachshund’s main tool to help gather information about the environment around them. For them, walks with multiple markings as well as sniffing are a way for them to socialize as well as check what’s happening with nearby dachshunds. If you try to pull them away, it is similar to you are watching the news and your TV was turned off.

The scent also plays an important role in helping your dachshunds find their ways back home and draw their maps.

Putting them in scary situations

Things Your Dachshunds May Not Like 6
Photo by Timber Ann’e‎

Dachshunds also have fear with somethings, someone or somewhere. For example, some doxie dogs scare of veterinary clinics. Always make your dogs feel comfortable and safe is a good idea when you want to take them somewhere they do not like.

Dogs have the sensitivity of scent ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 times compare with the human. That means strong scents like detergents or perfumes will make your dachshunds feel uncomfortable.

You are not in a good mood

Things Your Dachshunds May Not Like 7
Photo by Brandy Easterling‎

You will sometimes get angry, sad or stressed and your dachshund will be your friend because they can feel how you feel! We all have hard days, but if we let the problems persist for too long, your dachshund may be affected. Anyway, it is lucky that dachshunds always have positive energy and make our lives much more interesting.

Leaving the dogs alone too much

Things Your Dachshunds May Not Like 8
Photo by Reese Barker‎

Dogs are very emotional, if you leave them alone for too long, not notice them whenever you get home, your puppies will be very sad. Most of us are very busy with our work, however, spend your time playing with your dogs, show them your love whenever you can.

This article uses photos from Dachshund Bonus Group and the photos were shared by member of the group. Thanks to all members for the shares.

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