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If you can talk and understand what your dachshund says, your life will be more interesting. Then you can know why your dachshund bark at a broom or hide beneath a bed when there are thunderstorms.

Recently, there are some signs found and they help us understand more about our dogs. These signs are not sure 100% correct but if you pay attention to them, you can understand how is love your dachshund wants to give to you.

1. Looking straight into your eyes

10 Signs Your Dachshund Really Loves You
Photo by Christy Lewis‎

In a conversation, Brian Hare, a dachshund trainer said: “If the dog is trying to hug you with those eyes.  When you play with your dachshund, a hormone called oxytocin released and this hormone helps mothers and their children become more closely connected.

You can do this experiment: Let the dachshund play alone for a long time and look straight into his eyes. He will feel uncomfortable and turn away. But if you play with your dachshund and also look straight into his eyes and you will see the difference.

2. Yawning when you yawn

10 Signs Your Dachshund Really Loves You
Photo by Natalie Dennis‎

Yawning is a possible “transmission” reaction. But did you know that yawning is not just a reaction between people? Your dachshund can read your emotions and he will also yawn when his owner yawn.

Scientists have found that the spread of a person-to-person yawn comes from the empathy. But for dachshunds or other dogs, it is impossible to conclude where the reason for yawning is from. But it is very likely that the dachshund yawning with the owner shows the close relationship between the owner and the dachshund.

3. Leaning on you

10 Signs Your Dachshund Really Loves You
Photo by Aubrey Jean Nolan‎

Dachshunds always want to be cared. Sometimes the dog will head, lean on you to get your attention, or want you to walk him. You can see the feelings of your dachshund even when he is panicking and rushing at you, it shows that the dog considers you as a solid refuge.

4. Holding you after a meal

10 Signs Your Dachshund Really Loves You
Photo by David Ariza‎

In the book How Dogs Love Us, the author Gregory Berns says if after meals, dachshunds want to lay in your lap, it means they love you very much.

Everyone knows that dachshunds or other animals love to eat. But according to Berns, once eaten, the dog’s next action will show what is important to them, in addition to eating. Watch out every morning or every night, after feeding them, how the dogs will react to you.

5. Wiggling eyebrows

10 Signs Your Dachshund Really Loves You
Photo by Nina McDaniel

We all know that dachshunds always use their tails to express their emotions. But just a few people know that the dachshunds’ face also shows more emotions. In Japan, there is a research that the people will place the dachshunds and other dogs in different situations, with strangers, with parents and with things they don’t like. When the dogs meet their parents, they will raise their eyebrow (especially the left eyebrow). When the dogs meet strangers, their faces often look no expression. When the dogs see familiar toys, left ear of the dogs will move backwards. If it is a thing that they hate, the right ear moves.

6. Silently looking at you when you are walking

10 Signs Your Dachshund Really Loves You
Photo by Nikola Ćulibrk

Most the people think that the dachshund will get into a state of panic when you get out of your house it is a sign that the dog loves you so much.

However, the fact is not really. According to Gregory Berns, when a dachshund gets panicky when you get out of your house, it is a sign that your dog is anxious instead of loving you. On the other hand, if he keeps calm and stay in the house, it means that he believes you will return to him.

7. Being happy when you come home

10 Signs Your Dachshund Really Loves You
Photo by Birdie Wood‎

We all feel special when opening the door and the dachshund wagging his tail happily, jumping up and down like kangaroos. And that is a very specific way of expressing the sentiments of dogs. Their love is shows clearly.

8. Sleeping with you in your bed

10 Signs Your Dachshund Really Loves You
Photo by Nathan Ranie

There is a way to know whether your dachshund loves you or not, that is finding the place he sleeps.

Although, this way has not been verified, according to Gregory Berns, if a dachshund sleep with you in your bed, it means he does not want to leave you.

9. Bringing you toys

10 Signs Your Dachshund Really Loves You
Photo by Lisa Conner Cains

If a puppy brings you his favorite toys, it means he wants to play with you not only playing with the toys and this sign shows that the dachshund thinks you are a leader and he wants to give you the best he owns.

10. Enjoying your love

10 Signs Your Dachshund Really Loves You
Photo by Olivia Barrow

Do you love your dachshund? If you do, your dachshund loves you too. Author Gregory Berns wrote that dogs can feel their owner’s love so if you don’t love your dogs, the dogs won’t love you either.

If you know other signs showing that your dachshund loves you. Comment below.