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It’s a question of a 6 year old kid and it will make you surprised.

I am a veterinarian and I was nominated for examination for Belker, a 10 year old dog. A couple Ron, Lisa, and a 6 year old boy Shane who have been living together with the dog Belker and hoping there would be a miracle for him.

I have examined Belker and found that he is tired of cancer. I advised the family that there was no way to cure him and suggested death by medicine.

When We were preparing the medicine, Ron and Lisa thought that their boy Shane needed to watch this progress so that he could learn something from this experience.

Dachshund dog will go to heaven after death

Next day, I felt sad when I saw the family clustered round the dog. Shane fondled the dog before he passed. The boy composed himself and it made me confused, I wondered whether he could understand what was happening or not. A moment later, Belker passed.

Shane seemed to accept that Belker passed away. After death of Belker, we sat and comforted together and wondered why dogs could not live as long as humans? Shane was sitting silently and suddenly spoke up: “I knew the reasons”.

Photo by Andrew Benfield‎

We were all surprised and looked at the boy, after listening to what he said, we got amazing. They changed my opinion because they were very warm.

“People are born in order to learn to have a nice life, like we have to love and take care of other people, is it right?” Said Shane.

“So the dogs already knew that, why do they live long?” The boy continued.

Photo by Dae Lycos‎

Yes, the boy already made me awake and understand many things below:

Enjoying a simple life

Loving with all our heart

Taking care of other people

Being kind

And you can learn some things from the dog puppies.

Always welcome our relatives when they come home.

Never forget chances to go out together

Enjoy happy moments or just enjoy a cool wind which makes you comfortable.

Close your eyes to relax or just feel peaceful.

Play together and be active all day.

Enjoy when someone getting close to you.

Avoid getting angry at someone when they are annoying you.

Take you time to lay on the grass to enjoy a wonderful day

When the weather is hot, just drink a lot of water and be in a cool place.

When you are happy, just dance, jump and show to everyone that you are happy.

Enjoy the fun while travelling with friends or relatives

Be honest

Be loyal

When someone getting sad, stand by and comfort them

Don’t try to become another person, be yourself.

They are tips to have a happy life that we can learn from our lovely dog.

Source: Jose Dell.