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For thousands of year, dachshunds have joined our life and become our soul mate. How could this friendship exist?

Dogs are loved by everyone. Among those beautiful, smart creatures, why do people choose dachshunds as their partner? Have you ever wonder why you love dachshunds but not any other kinds of animals? If you have not found yourself an answer then please read the article below. These are outstanding features that only dachshunds have, making people love them more and more.

The bond between dachshunds and humans has shown through behavior in daily life, it develops and forms the process of loyalty between doxie dogs and humans.

It is because of irreplaceable qualities, “virtues” of dachshunds, let’s figure what those qualities are!

1. They are loyal and worship their owners

Photo by Kate Brown‎

No matter who we are, rich or poor, sick or healthy, once the dachshund has considered you its owner, it will follow you for life.

If you forget to feed them or bathe, beat or abuse them, they will just sit sadly, absolutely not biting or showing dislike to you.

In many cases, when the owner died, the dog still waits by the grave or memorials places between him and his owner to wait because he believes his dearest friend will return, and the absence is just temporary, it might be just punishment for him only.

2. Unconditional love for their owners

Photo by Sharon Forte‎

When dogs meet their owners, their brain will release a hormone equivalent to when you see your lover. It can be said that the owner is the greatest love of every four-legged friend, more than other dogs.

If you do not believe it, walk your dachshunds out and then play with some other dogs. Your best friend will be jealous!

3. Never being greedy

Photo byHolly Peter Williams‎

If you are a beggar, just feed your doxie dog with excess rice, he will happy to eat it as he is having an expensive meal. Dogs don’t have greed or anything, they just need you to be there with them.

This will keep the owner being happy in every difficult situation in life because they see their dachshunds always integrate with all circumstances, always happy with this life.

4. Always trying to make their owners happy

Photo by Ashley Slater‎

Whenever you want to play with your dachshund, he will always happy to join you, to him play with you is the happiest thing on earth.

Therefore, dachshunds will be the best choice when you are sad because whenever you call, they will always be there to help you relax.

5. Knowing how to accept themselves, always being positive

Photo by Scott Saigusa‎

In many situations, the disease, the physical defect, or whatever happens, they always love life as their owners. Autistic dogs are extremely rare.

This will help us, their owners feel happier, making the atmosphere always comfortable with them.

6. Being brave in every situation

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Photo by Mosser Harrod New‎

No matter how dangerous it is, even if there are a lot of tougher opponents, your sausage dog will fight and protect you till the end.

There have been situations which dachshunds rescued their owners from a burning house, or fighting wolves, tigers to save their owners, it is a very precious quality, it shows that dachshunds are not just pets, but they are also a protector.

7. Being a quick-learner, easy to train

Photo by Destinee Gilbert

Of course, the dachshund is the easiest animal to teach, he never complains if you make him do it all over again, or do some difficult postures, he is even fun to learn that new thing.

Dachshunds are so cute, aren’t they? This article uses photos from the Dachshund Bonus Group and the photos were shared by members of the group. Thanks to all members for the shares.

Everyone loves to have such lovely and loyal friends, right?