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There are two lovely dachshunds which get lost in a case of a lion in a zoo. All visitors who saw that with their own eyes were fear for the dachshunds. However, the lion approach and lick the dachshunds, they also play together.

Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, USA is one of the weird zoos. This place is home of more than 1400 wild animals.

This park was founded in 1997 by Springer family, Oklahoma wanted to commemorate their youngest son Schreibvoger. They built up the zoo to give people opportunity to interact with animals to understand and community with them.

Two Dachshund Getting Lost In A Case Of A Lion And The Result Will Make You Surprised
A lion and dachshunds. Picture of video

There was a lion in the zoo weighing over 500 pounds (about 227 kg). That was an African lion named Bonedigger.

Bonedigger is so adorable, he lived in the zoo for a long time. He is very friendly and happy, he liked to curl up his body on the ground. He liked to take pictures with human and especially he always showed off his stomach.

Bonedigger had been growing by human since he was young, so he wasn’t almost wild and he loved to be friends with human. And Bonedigger got a very lovely small friend, a dachshund named Abby weighing 11 pounds (about 5 kg), the small friend has light brown hair.

A lion and dachshunds. Picture of video
A lion and dachshunds. Picture of video

“I have never seen any strange friendship like this”, said the Zoo director John Reikene. “There is a very beautiful friendship between the dachshund and the lion”. Bonedigger and Abby are the same age, and they played together as brothers when they were young. As they were growing up together, Abby and Bonedigger’s friendship is extremely deep. Although there are 4 dachshunds in the zoo, Bonedigger is only close to Abby. He did not care how many people watching him, he still plays with the dachshund.

A friendship between a lion and a dachshund
A friendship between a lion and a dachshund

The people often caught that Bonedigger lay sprawled on his stomach on the ground even though Abby rolled and crawled on him. Abby even put himself in Bonedigger’s mouth to be licked and cuddled by the lion.

The friendship between Abby and Bonedigger makes many people feel warm, some people even said it as a testament to a friendship that comes from the heart and not everyone has it.

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