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Everyone thinks that owning a dachshund or other dogs is just for fun or for housekeeping because they are special indoor pets. However, these cute friends can do better than that.

If someone asked you what you like when you get home, so what is your answer? If that was me, I will answer that I would like to see a dachshund running to welcome me after I open the door. It’s not only one reason to love dachshunds because they can help you happier and specially they can give us many health benefits.

Maybe this article is a good new for those who love dachshunds like me. Let’s see 10 health benefits below!

1. Dachshunds help you have better allergy resistance.

The 10 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund 1
Photo by Becky Flannigan‎

Although dachshunds are really a nightmare for people with allergies. However, if you have a dachshund puppy in your house, the cute dog will help your children reduce allergy. Even when you are pregnant and you own a dachshund puppy or other dogs, your upcoming children will be less ability of allergy. Therefore, if you are planning to have a baby or preparing to have a new one, don’t hesitate to bring a lovely dog home.

2. You will rarely get sick.

The 10 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund 2
Photo by Aravindaraman Dasappan‎

We all hate bacteria and you want to live in a place without any bacteria or any pathogen. However, you don’t know that the more bacteria you live in, the better healthy you can get because bacteria is really good for you.

It means when you own a dachshund in your house, there are full bacteria in your environment. Therefore, your bodies will be able to learn how to fight against these uncountable bacteria. As a result, your immune system will also improve.

3. You have chance to do more exercises.

The 10 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund 3
Photo by Dee Shaw‎

Dachshunds are active dogs that’s why they always run and jump indoors as well as outdoors. They also like to walk in the park, like to play all day, like to be cared by their owners. Hence, you must take your time for your cute four-legged friends, taking them out to play with you or walking with them in the park are better for you and your dogs. Meanwhile, you have to exercise daily with your dogs. Not only do you have fun moments with them, but you can also improve your health, reduce your chance of getting heart disease.

4. You will get more social activities.

The 10 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund 4
Photo by Guillermo Maldonado‎

Surveys show that people will likely trust a stranger if he goes with a dog rather than one walking alone. And your relationship will be expanded with more people who also breed dogs like you.

Believe in your dachshunds, they will help you get more friends soon.

5. Dachshunds help you reduce stress.

The 10 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund 5
Photo by Lynn Holland Montgomery‎

Do you believe that dachshunds can help you reduce stress? The lovely dogs will make you happy when you play with them, they welcome you when you get home or they just do stupid things. That’s why you always feel relax and reduce stress after you exposed to your four-legged friends. The less stress we get, the more energy we have and the more productive we get at work.

6. You will be happier.

The 10 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund 6
Photo by Taylor Julia Pesch‎

Dachshund owners will feel happier than those who don’t. They can even help people with severe depression get better. Exactly the feelings and affection of the cute dogs help us get more happy and active.

7. You will have a really strong heart.

The 10 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund 7
Photo by Matt Rogers‎

Owning a dachshund in your home can help you feel relax and it is important because it can help you reduce blood pressure, your heart beats more steadily. Besides, there is a research saying that you will be able to sleep better when you own a dachshund puppy.

8. Your dachshund can detect cancer.

The 10 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund 8
Photo by Sharon Forte‎

Some people may not believe that dachshunds or other dogs can detect cancer, however it is the truth. Dogs have a good sense of smell special dachshunds because they used to be hunting dogs so they can sniff out cancer. There have been a lot of stories that dogs showing up as they had troubles with their noses, when the owners took their dogs to visit doctor and found that they had cancer. Therefore, it was thought that dogs were capable of detecting cancer.

9. Dachshunds can help you teach your children learn how to take care of themselves.

The 10 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund 9
Photo by Haley Brooke Thornton‎

Many parents fear that if they own dachshunds in their homes, it’s not good for their children. But they are friendly and they can be teachers of your children if your children are old enough. They can teach your children learn how to care of themselves and take care of a pet. Besides, your children can learn about responsibility.

Responsibility is an important factor in our children’s future life.

10. Dachshunds can make you feel safe.

The 10 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dachshund 10
Photo by Garfield Andrew‎

It’s really the truth because dachshunds are very brave and they can protect you from a stranger, so be assured when your dachshunds accompanying you then a stranger will not dare to come near you.

According to a research, thieves will be frightened when dachshunds bark. With this protective instinct, dachshunds will make you feel safe when you are away from home.

Dachshunds are worth owning? All the photos were collected from Dachshund Bonus Group. Thanks to all members who shared the photos.

If you love your dachshunds with other reasons? Leave a comment.