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Not only is a close friend, but a dachshund is also a spiritual therapy to help you overcome many dangerous diseases and relieve stresses in life.

Nobody can resist the cute looks of those mischievous puppies. Pets play a very important role in our spiritual life. For those who are living alone, pets are their best friends, bringing them a peaceful feeling whenever they get home. In addition, science also proves pets to help us reduce the possibility of dangerous diseases as well as relieve stress.

Let’s start with a study in the Journal of Vascular and Psychiatric Intervention in 2009. This study has divided a group of 4,000 people into two groups: those who have been owning a dachshund and who have never owned a dog in their lives. The study followed this group of people for 10 years and examined their health status, as well as the cause of their deaths.

Science Confirms Owning Dachshunds Helps The Owners Reduce Stress 1
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The results show that the No. 1 group, i.e. those who have and own a dachshund are less likely to die from cardiovascular disease, heart attack, up to one third. Researchers have concluded “Having a dachshund in your family is a way to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease. The study also controlled other factors such as smoking, obesity or diabetes to bring up the most objective results.

Science Confirms Owning Dachshunds Helps The Owners Reduce Stress 2
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Overall, research shows that having dachshunds in your house can reduce the risk of serious diseases by up to a third.

The bond between us and these cute little friends will be significantly developed when you begin talking to your beloved dog.

So why is owning dachshunds in particular and pets in general able to reduce stress?

Science Confirms Owning Dachshunds Helps The Owners Reduce Stress 3
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Studies have shown that playing with your four-legged friends can reduce levels of the cortisol hormone in the blood.

Cortisol is a hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands and, when it excessively elevates, it will cause many negative health problems such as increased blood sugar, high blood pressure, fat accumulation, increased risk. obese muscles, causing stress…

Therefore, stress control is the most effective way to control cortisol levels.

Research in the 2017 Science Report has shown that raising a dachshund puppy also gives similar benefits. In short, it can be said that pets are great psychotherapy for your mental and health life. If you have pets in your family, show them your love and take care of them more.

Now, I believe you have reasons to bring a dachshund home right away.

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