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This is one of the most asked questions since an unkempt, threadbare hair will affect the beauty of your dog. Those less shiny hairs will also reflect the health condition, meals of your dog. If your dog has good health condition, a shiny hair, guarantee you will want to take them everywhere.

What food will make your dachshund’s hair shiny and glossy?

How To Make Your Dachshund's Hair Glossy And Shiny 1
Photo by Sharon Forte‎

Basically, your dog should be provided enough nutrition, vitamins, fatty acids, omega-3, protein …When your dachshunds absorb all of the nutrition, they surely will have healthy, shiny fur or hair. So where are the nutrition comes from?

Foods provide vitamins and fatty acids: Meat, fish, eggs, milk will provide vitamins and fatty acids for your dachshunds. However, you should control the amount of food which your dachshunds consume, a reasonable amount will help your four-legged friends to avoid excess fat that makes the dogs become fatty.

Egg yolks provide omega-3 in a healthy way which makes dachshunds fur smoother. However, you should not let your dachshunds have so much of egg yolks, especially raw egg yolks. Your dogs should be trained to eat egg yolks slowly, start with boiled egg yolks, gradually raw more and more until he can eat completely raw egg yolks.

Note: Dachshunds should eat egg yolks only.

How To Make Your Dachshund's Hair Glossy And Shiny 2
Photo by Chelsey Osman

Pigskin with hair and grease cleaned: pigskin has a protein content 2.5 times higher, carbohydrate content is 4 times higher than pork while fat content contains only half of pork. That why pig skin becomes a very good nutrition source which helps hair become shiny. Besides, the price of pig skins is quite cheap, it will help reducing food cost for your dachshunds.

You can buy omega-3 from drugstores everywhere and let your sausage dogs have it directly since omega-3 is absorbed directly, the result will appear within a week.

How To Make Your Dachshund's Hair Glossy And Shiny 3
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Besides nutrition sources for your dachshund puppies, you should take care of your dog in a proper way, help him to have a good health condition and a smooth, shiny fur.

Your doxie dogs should stay in a dry, cool place to help him avoid diseases. Combing their fur often will also reduce hair loss which makes their skin cool.

Bathe your dog often, but not every day, it will waste your time and it is also not good for dogs, we should only bathe the dachshunds once a month.

How To Make Your Dachshund's Hair Glossy And Shiny 4
Photo by N’Dea Crook

You should kill ticks, lice, and parasites on the dog’s skin, especially not to let your dachshunds get scabies.

Have your dog exercise regularly and provide adequate water to keep your beloved dogs happy and have a good health.