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A new study of Swedish scientists showed that owning dachshunds or other dogs will help the owners increase longevity. And do you believe? It can help the owners reduce the risk of death by up to 33%. Many people have been arguing about this study.

Scientists at Uppsala University, Sweden, surveyed 3.4 million Swedish people aged from 40 to 80 and male rate is 48%. The results showed that single people who own dachshunds can reduce the risk of death by up to 33% and the risk of cardiovascular death by 36%

Owning dachshunds helps Swedish people improve their health.

The study results were based on the national database for 12 years in Sweden and were published in Scientific Reports.

A New Study Finds That Dachshunds Can Help People Increase Longevity 1
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In addition, the study showed that owning dachshunds also brings the owners certain health benefits such as reducing blood cholesterol, limiting sudden hypertension, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases because the owners tend to be more active.

“Dachshunds play an important role in limiting the risk of cardiovascular disease and sudden death for single people. These people are also at risk of developing cardiovascular disease and death compared to those who live in a family with multi-member.” Said Mwenya Mubange, a graduate student at Uppsala University.

A New Study Finds That Dachshunds Can Help People Increase Longevity 2
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The study showed that the benefits are not only for people living alone, they are also the healthy benefits for those who live in a family with multi-members. In particular, the people who often care for dachshunds can reduce the risk of death by up to 11% and reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 15%.

 “Besides, dachshunds are also considered pets which can support their owner on spiritual side, and I have seen that in my experience. The four-legged friends helped me reduce stress in stressful situations. In addition, they can also help me ease pain.” Added Dr. Sue Kim, an internal medicine doctor at Stanford Health Care.

In addition, scientists believe that dogs help boost the immune system thanks to dirt what the dogs bring to the house. Besides, the four-legged friends can also help children reduce asthma and allergies. And for the adults, the dogs can help them reduce stress, restore blood pressure quickly after stressful events.

A New Study Finds That Dachshunds Can Help People Increase Longevity 3
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The study is true only in Sweden?

Almost people did not agree with the about results. According to The Verge News, this study still exists and there are many factors affect the study results.

For example, people who live alone and own dachshunds all have a lower risk of heart disease and they are healthy. Physical health of each person will be different, even after adjusting for smoking factors, body indicators and socio-economic status.

A New Study Finds That Dachshunds Can Help People Increase Longevity 4
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According to The Time News, the study was performed on almost Swedes, it’s probably true for some European countries where there are the same standard of living, culture, and dog ownership thinking… But are Asia or other countries culture the same results? That is still a question for researchers to solve in the future.

In addition, CNN News stated that although the study provided strong evidence of health benefits when owning dachshunds. But it had not resolved the question that whether it is depended on age, living style, living condition…

Dachshunds are the rare breeds that, because of their small size, are good for both hunting and urban living. Therefore, they help their owner do more exercise and have a healthy lifestyle.

A New Study Finds That Dachshunds Can Help People Increase Longevity 5
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“When living in a cold environment, dachshunds will want to be walked by their owners. And in hot climates, they just want to be in the yard and do not want to go out. Besides, it also depends on the behavior and health of the people. It’s difficult to get the exact result when the study performed in Sweden and applied for the US” said Fall, veterinarian and epidemiologist professor at school Swedish university

Some people have other opinions that when talking about relieving stress, many people like to own other dogs or even other animals like cats. And of course, these animal can help the owners have a good health.