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If you are a dachshund owner, you must be familiar with funny moments or lovely activities your sausage dogs do. Your four-legged friends can be very entertaining any time they feel happy or even just feel comfortable. It makes us wonder what’s going in their head. You may not understand why the doxie dogs do some things that don’t seem to make any sense. However, what you can see is the dachshunds can give me entertainment for hours and never cease to amaze us.

There are 10 reasons showing that dachshunds are the funniest dogs.

1. Barking at anything they don’t like.

As being hunting dogs, dachshunds do not hesitate to bark at something annoying them or even they just don’t like the things. Besides, they also bark at their own refection in the mirror or in a window madly.

2. Eating grass.

10 Reasons Dachshunds Are The Funniest Dogs 2
Photo by Dionysus Rider McCord

Have you even seen your dogs eating grass in the park or on the yard? The scientists don’t know for sure why they like to eat grass, maybe they used to be hunting dogs and they were wild animals. Sometimes dachshund puppies know they have eaten wrong things what are not goods for their health and want to get rid of it, that is why they decide to eat grass and they believe that the grass helps them to be sick. Other times does somehow know that they need a certain nutrient so they eat grass because they know it will help them.

3. Action when dreaming.

I think if you owned a dachshund puppy, you may catch that your dachshund will twitch when he drift off in to a deep sleep. It’s so funny to watch such the situation. The dachshund puppies look so lovely and sweet twitching their nose, mouth, legs and tail. Sometimes the sausage dogs even show that they will be running while sleeping when they are chasing other animal in their dream.

4. Being hate the toilet paper rolls.

10 Reasons Dachshunds Are The Funniest Dogs 4
Photo by Bridget Williams

We know that dachshunds eat weird stuff at some point in their lives. They get into the toilet room when you’re not looking, steal a roll of toilet paper to shred or even eat the paper. Until now, I don’t know why the dogs like to do that. It may be an odd behavior of the mischievous dogs.

5. Seemingly barking at nothing

10 Reasons Dachshunds Are The Funniest Dogs 5
Photo by GamaiUzumaki Talaban Ronzales‎

Have you even been watching a TV show or just working with your computer and suddenly your dachshund barks at nothing? You quickly ran to the dogs and could not see or hear anything that make the dog attend to. You might feel creepy, however you have to know that dachshunds or other dogs have much better hearing than we can do so the dogs have perhaps just heard something that you cannot hear.

6. Moving their leg when you scratch their belly.

Have you ever scratched your dachshunds’ belly? And do they kick or move their legs when you get a really good spot? It’s normal because this is a reflex the dogs have developed for years. Their nerved ending react and they are willing to move their legs when you rub or scratch them. It is so funny to watch your puppies moving their legs when you are scratching them, right?

7. Putting their face out the car window.

10 Reasons Dachshunds Are The Funniest Dogs 7
Photo by Nancy Frascino

It’s funny to watch a dachshund sitting in a car with his head out of the window with ears and tongue flapping away. It’s normal because dachshunds or other dogs just love putting their head out of the car windows and enjoying the fresh air with their face.

8. Trying and getting on the sofa like they are the owners.

Photo by Vicki Reed Grisko

Dachshunds like to squeeze onto a sofa even they can make it full. The reason maybe your dachshunds think they are your Bosses and they can do whatever they like and you have to serve them like helpers.

9. Sleeping in weird positions.

10 Reasons Dachshunds Are The Funniest Dogs 8
Photo by Tyler James Fehribach

We all like to get a nice and comfortable positions when we sleep. However dachshunds seem to do the opposite. They sometime fine the most awkward positions to sleep with their bodies all curled up, their legs up in the air and their heads look uncomfortable. Maybe this position is really a good idea for your dogs and they are happy to doze off.

10. Eating disgusting things.

10 Reasons Dachshunds Are The Funniest Dogs 9
Photo by Alyssa Langston

Sometime dachshund like to eat really disgusting things such as shoes, toilet paper rolls, or even underwear…

Dachshunds are also called sausages, wiener dogs, doxie or hot dogs. Conclusion, dachshunds are very lovely, right? This article uses photos from Dachshund Bonus Group and the photos were shared by member of the group. Thanks to all members for the shares.

What reasons make you love your dachshunds. Please comment.

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